Fightball is a five piece punkrock band from Berlin City, Germany. Founded in 2006 by Sören (drums), Daniel (git) and Roger (bass) they quickly completed themselves with Bertl (vox) and Flo (git). Playing the first show in early 2007 they finally released their first full length album in June 2008 at Dambuster Records. Touring western europe with Rat City Riot in fall 2009, they had to face first changes at the beginning of 2010, when singer Bertl decided to leave the band. After a short struggle as a foursome they found their "white knight" in Phil so far. Until today we had the pleasure to share the stage with bands like Holy Racket, Loaded, Angelic Upstarts, Bonecrusher, Far From Finished, Born to Lose, Whiskey Rebels, Rat City Riot, Angel City Outcasts, U.S. Bombs, Volxsturm, Broilers and many more - hopefully more to come soon!


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg