In winter 2008/2009 five young men decided to found a metalcore band. Right from the start they tried to develop their own style. Within a few months the first songs were written and soon they found themselves on the stages of their hometown Wolfsburg and other towns nearby. .... Not even one year after the bands foundation the “EP 2009” was finished. Many shows all over Germany and abroad followed. Bedlam Broke Loose are not only convincing with their musical talent, but also they are presenting a great and powerful show to their audience. .... Their music is a unique mixture. These five guys are neither a typical hardcore band, nor a typical metal band. Whenever you see the name Bedlam Broke Loose in a shows line up, you will not find another band presenting the same kind of music that evening. .... Ambitious and determined as they are, the next big goals for Bedlam Broke Loose to achieve in 2011 are to cut their first full length album and to spread their music by touring all over Europe.


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg