When starting a band at young age, you usually don't waste a thought on where this will possibly lead you. It's all about making music with your best friends and playing some shows. This is exactly how The Haverbrook Disaster got started. However the band's sheer engergy, outstanding live presence and hymn-like hardcore songs soon lead them to a point far beyond all their original expectations. In short: following the appearance of two self-released demos, an endless number of devastating live shows and an constantly growing reputation as the "next big thing", The Haverbrook Disaster signed a deal with Munich-based hardcore label Let it Burn Records. Their debut full-length is scheduled for May 2011 and sets the seal on the entrance of one of the youngest and most promising new bands to the underground music scene. Fueled by a voracious hunger to mosh heavier, play louder and party harder than any other band on this planet, The Haverbrook Disaster mix heady, modern hardcore, crushing breakdowns, and catchy melodies into a deadly, musical explosion. Produced by Zeuss at the legendary Planet Z studios (known for branding the sound of bands such as Hatebreed, The Acacia Strain or Stick To Your Guns) the band underlines their unbreakable zeal and sets new standards in how heavy and intimidating a debut-album can sound like. With the upright mentality of a hardcore band The Haverbrook Disaster will never falter in their mission to reach, entrain, and astound ears and hearts all over the world. Once this band reaches out for you, you will be left dumbfounded.


Andy (Vocals), Philipp (Guitar), Yannick (Drums), Andreas (Guitar), Lukas (Bass) 


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg