The Filaments

...spielten am 25.11.04 im Schicksaal!

The Filaments began many years ago, back in the day when a pack of bensons were less than L4 and everyone had shit haircuts; of course some things never change aint that right Wilson, anyways back to the point. The Filaments started out as two people, Jon Poulten and Jon Fleming, attempting to play their favourite punk and ska tunes in Flemings garage, of course it was not complete until a guitarist was found. It was then that a friend was called upon namely Mike Jones, who at the time didn't play guitar but was well up for it so bought one and decided to learn. Although Mike was a quick learner it's impossible to learn overnight so another person, Jon Fawkes (known to his mates as 'no Fawkes I won't give you money!'), was asked to jam with the band and soon decided to join full time.
Fawksy soon started to bash out the first Filaments tunes and things started to pick up except for the lack of vocals and shite amps so another mate, Ed Seymour, was invited to take charge of the vocals. After a couple of practises The Filaments decided to ruin more peoples lives and drafted Adam Williams to play trombone. Soon later the band started to take its proper shape with the recruitment of Lord Horatio Smellman of Third Ave. (Rob Bellman) on trumpet, and at the same time time the new and improved Mike rejoined.
The first pracitse as a whole band was a real shock, Rob was actually good at the trumpet and Mike had become pretty good on guitar. The band began to gell well and Fawksey and Mike started writing some songs such as Oi! it's The Filaments, U.K. Now and Segregation. The songs began to take a more political stance and the sound became more punk and stronger. It wasn't long before another problem hit us, after one gig Ed decided he had other commitments and had to leave. It was then that Fawksy got a chance to sing and proved to better than we could have all hoped. After a couple of drunk gigs, one which involved a ban at the Army & Navy (cos some fucking wankers decided they'd be 'hard' and smash up the toilets and the pool room!) we booked ourselves into a studio (What a pile of shit this turned out to be!!). All you have to know is when the sound engineer listens to trance don't let him mix your recording!! This recording was done with our current drummer Tim Wilson who was brought in as Flemming decided to leave. With the recruitement of Tim a number of gigs were played pretty infrequently until the unfortunate day that Adam decided to leave to go to Australia for a year. This left us with a lack of brass and it was by complete luck that we met Iain (McEyelash) and (Stone Cold) Paul Humberstone. These guys were well into their ska and punk and were more than happy to learn trumpet and trombone. The next step was to get a better recording than the previous disaster, which was made possible through King Pin Records, who we were hooked up with by our mates Opreation Nail Bomb (Oi! Oi! you slags!!). At this point we called yet another brass member, Meg, on the trumbone to record with us and she shortly decided to join full time. By now our band was looking more like a 'football team' when as if by magic Pete the Viking decended from heaven with his shiny golden saxaphone and joined up full time which truly was a fucking godsend!! FUCK! he is good at sax!! Oh well, there you have it a long and boring account of The Filaments for those of you that actually care.


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