...spielten am 06.10.04 im Schicksaal!

Everett Morton (drums) Ranking Roger (vocals) Saxa (saxophone) Blockhead (keyboards) Neil Deathridge (guitar) "Ranking Junior" aka Mini Murphy (vocals) Andy Pearson (bass) and Mark Hamilton (saxophone). After the split of 80's ska band The Beat, Everett, Saxa and Ranking Roger worked on many other projects. Ranking Roger and Saxa along with original Beat singer Dave Wakeling formed General public with former Dexy's Midnight Runners keyboardist Micky Billingham. General Public split in 1986 and 1988 saw the release of the solo album Radical Departure by Ranking Roger. He then went on to form another ska outfit, Special Beat.

In 1988 Everett and Saxa became part of the International Beat along with Neil Deathridge and regular guest appearances by Ranking Roger and Micky Billingham. The International Beat enjoyed success both in the UK and in the USA. After the split of the International Beat in 1992, Neil met songwriter Tony O'Donnell and they performed together at many venues throughout the UK.

Finally in 2001, Ranking Roger, Everett, Saxa and Neil got together again along with Tony O'Donnell and Andy Pearson who had previously worked with Roger. At the beginning of 2003, the band were joined by Dave "Blockhead" Wright on keyboards and The Beat reunion gig at London's Royal Festival Hall was a great success. In May 2003, after the depature of Tony O'Donnell, Twist and Crawl were joined by Matt aka "Ranking Junior" on vocals and Mark Hamilton aka "Chico" (son of Jazz musician Andy Hamilton) on sax. The Beat is back. Even with Dave Wakeling, David Steel and Andy Cox missing from the original line-up for various reasons, The Beat are enjoying massive success throughout the UK.


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