...spielten am 09.10.04 im Schicksaal!

I think it's time. I hate all my friends. Yes, I'm talking about you. I think i should move on. (Just do it)

On BUILDING A BUILDING, Dallas-based trio SLOWRIDE offers catchy, emotionally complex sing-along-with-the-car-windows-down songs without recycling anything from previous efforts. Though unrelenting with tight bass, drums an forceful guitar parts, they incorporate close harmonies and melodies with garage-ish influences. It adds up to a record you won't fell guilty singing along with. SLOWRIDE begins the attack with the one-two punch of Smoke Cigarettes and Panther 1. The driving rhythm of the former brings the listener through lyrics such as "we take what we want / it don't matter where it's from / we're two of a kind / and i Love you in my mind" and pushes right into Panther 1, the head-bobbing, hand-clapping single with a diagnosis of "easy come / easy go / was his message / and the worst one he could send me." The frentic pace continues with New And Entitled in which singer-songwriter Dan Phillips pleads, "this is doomsday / you gotta believe me."


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg