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Berlin-Kreuzberg, 1996. Another boring summer.
Five high school friends decided to start their own band. Inspired by bands like SNAPCASE, EARTH CRISIS or MACHINE HEAD, the guys formed their own outfit called SHORTAGE.

In January 1997 they put out their first demo tape, which was the first sign of a promising new band. Relentlessly playing concerts in all the local venues, from living room-sized squatter places and youth clubs to the famous SO36, the band is rewarded by a loyal following in Berlin's hardcore community. Soon SHORTAGE established themselves on the forefront of the scene.
Indeed, the live presence of the five guys is one of their biggest sellingpoints. With singer Flo shouting and rasping out emotionally charged lyrics, drummer Pascal battering his kit like a machine gun, and the three axe-men jumping and banging away while chucking out one killer riff after the other, the band manages to deliver a full frontal assault on the ears and eyes of the audience.

In January 1998 the band recorded their self-titled debut record,
"Shortage". This 5-song MCD showed a big step forward for the band, both musically and lyrically. Again, the band played wherever and whenever possible, performing shows with the likes of SNAPCASE, EARTH CRISIS, LIAR, and fellow Berliners DISRESPECT. They also started to play concerts outside Berlin, including several German hardcore festivals.

August 1999 saw the band entering the studio to record their first
full-length album, "The Fine Line Between Love And Hate" on I.C. Recordings. At the same time, SHORTAGE were represented by an early version of the song "Winter" on a 10,000-copies CD sampler which was distributed by Lifeforce Records and the Value Of Strength-fanzine.

February 2000, SHORTAGE went on a successful two-week long tour with their mates from DISRESPECT, spreading mayhem all over Europe, with shows in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

March 2001 they returned to the studio to record a three-track demo which helped them to get in contact with Circulation Records.

To record the new album the band, still in the same line-up, decided to work with Peter Oz from Soundwerk Orange, Headquarter Studios Berlin. He helped them to create the perfect sound for "CONTROL_1.0". For the first time the band is 100% satisfied with the result of their hard work.
Influenced by the speed, the roughness, the coldness and brutality of their hometown, they managed to create a sound they like to call


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg