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Crowpath was formed in the southern part of Sweden 1997 by Henrik Ivarsson (vocals/bass), Patrik Lundh (guitar) and Erik Hall (drums). After two demotapes and a few gigs the first ever Crowpath record was presented to the world, a split seven inch(1999) on the now defunct German label Pateline Industries. On the second demo and the split seven inch Björn Kvalvik played the bass, but he left the band soon after the record was released. Björn was replaced by Thomas Jansson. The following year, 2000, one song was released by the American label Set In Stone for the compilation CD ”A Complacement Letter Home”. In 2001, a seven inch was released by the German label Scorched Earth Policy Records and a five inch was released the following year by the Swedish label Pillowscars. Thomas left the band for various reasons, and Dan Bengtsson joined Crowpath. People outside Sweden started to show interest in the band which resulted in touring in countries like Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Czech republic and Denmark. In the summer of 2003, Crowpaths debut CD ”Red on Chrome” was recorded by Fredrik Reinedahl at Phlat Planet, Gothenburg.


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