...spielten am 04.12.04 im Schicksaal!

So who's who?
Wick Bambix: lead vocals, guitar, loves Dolly Parton
Peter Dragt: drums, the only Vitesse-supporter left
Patrick Turner: bass, Italian, into leopard clothing, German disco and spliffs

Here we go!
What does Bambix sound like? Imagine melody, kick ass sweat and a great female voice getting mixed into an intensive, sometimes sweet, mostly heavy mix-up of punkrock hardcore with a spoonful of metal.
A combination of a medicin no doctor would ever give you.
This is the culmination of the sound that Bambix has mastered so well throughout the years. Imagine lyrics about what the world should be like and never is.
How people feel their asses are on fire but they can't find water anywhere.
How you wanna bang speed 24 hours a day but don't have the time.
Imagine a band that plays so tight the string in yr bum will snap.
With energy that can light up a football-stadium anytime.

Wick Bambix found her mates in the dark rooms of punkrock in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
As a founder of Bambix, this Dutch diva of punk is world-wide known for a voice that gives you gooseflesh, cuz she's for real, intense.
And her guitars need replacement every time she plays on them, cuz
otherwise it's like bigamy.
Her playing? Sometimes Malmsteen, mostly Bambix.
Peter Dragt, a splendid drummer derived from the gutters of speed-metal, Slayer-adept. Sweeping his butt when melody comes in.
And glad when melody turns into speed. Looks like a Viking God. With muscles and all. Patrick Turner, bass-player since birth. Italian fortune-seeker. German in a way.
Haircut like Lou Ferigno. Girls dig him so deep they could easily create another ocean.

Where? What?
Bambix have been playin before Green Day got cool.
They played Brasil 3 times and are proud to be real rockstars there with MTV coverage for over 30 million people.
Can say they are real friends with cool bands.
Played big festivals, like Deconstruction, Dynamo, Rostock and minor toilets like the one at the Bijstand.
Been around Europe many times. Were the first band to play former Yugoslavia after the war. Had 8 to 10 points out of 10 for reviews on their cd's in cool magazines like OX (D), Visions (D),Aardschok (NL), Rock Brigade (Brasil), Plastic Bomb (D). Played and toured with bands like Bad Religion, Terrorgruppe, Fabulous Disaster, GBH, Good Riddance, Ataris, Sepultura, Pennywise, Snuff, Snapcase, Papa Roach, Slipknot
(who's snot?), Jawbreaker, Fugazi and many others they can't remember due to severe drinking.
Had the opportunity too to play support for BonJovi, but finally they weren't asked for it.
In the year 2003 they played some 150 gigs, including a Brasil tour, many German gigs and festivals, Holland, Belgium.
Toured the Westcoast of the USA in october 2003, and are currently recording their 5th record, which will be released after summer 2004.

Check em out. Man, do they kick ass!

Micky Leather, The Leather Always Works Out, oct. 2003


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg