10 things you need to know about bluekilla:


1) is strictly anti-rascist, anti-fascist and anti-violence like 99% of all ska bands on this planet

2) is pure ska since 1985!
no split up. no reunion. no major line up changes.
two out of five original members still active.
one of the longest running ska bands on this planet,
only made possible by being the laziest band in the world.

3) played more than 350 shows in 11 european countries plus australia.

4) played "hawa nagila" as a last song on every single gig
since the band started to play this song in 1992.

5) was the first foreign ska band to play in war troubled yugoslavia
between the wars in 1997. the band was arrested under spy suspect,
the bus broke down and they returned in a train department full of
amplifiers and drum pieces.

6) supported laurel aitken in 1990 when he spoke the never forgotten
words: "i make you famous", but the band was too lazy.

7) is also known as "the chippendales of SKA" since they discovered their obsesion for wearing panties in public rooms during a photo shooting for their first cd in 1994.
the band refined this likeable fad in their first video "dr. deadlock stylee", when they shared the ground with a flock of (naked) hogs.
it came to an unequaled climax when the whole band did a "full monty" on dr. deadlock's wedding party in 1999, except of dr. deadlock himself of course.
the crowd was overwhelmed by this performance to such an extend that no photographs or video has been shot, not even a single one. there's only the word but believe us, it's true.

8) is skanking on the net since 1997!

9) more to come soon, err we mean it ..... man! Cool SKA Cool!


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg