The band was established in early 1991. Since then the band has played almost 300 shows around Europe as a headliners or supported the bands like Sick of it All, Mad Ball, Biohazard, Pro-pain, Merauder, D.R.I, Ratos de Porao, Inner Damn , Shutdown NYC, Kill your idols, 25 ta life, Misconduct, Commin Correct, Violent Society, Discipline, Brightside, Ensign etc.etc.. In December 2004 the band supported Mad Ball again on their European tour. Band released 2 albums , 1 ep and appeared on numerous compilations. At the end of 2005. DBN released a NEW MCD called "Cheap tricks" on Dirty old empire records. Check it out ! In March/April 2005 we recorded our new album in Stage 1 studio. All songs were recorded , mixed and produced by Andy Classen at Stage 1 studios. It will be released by U SCREAM RECORDS in March 2007 and distributed worldwide by I SCREAM records. Stay tuned ! SPONSORS : ,,,,,,,


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg