1989: Juggling Jugulars was formed by Tero and Mikko when they met drunk in the ferry between Finland and Sweden. The original members were Mikko - vocals, Petteri - guitar & vocals, Tero - guitar, Jani-Markus - bass and Tommi - drums & vocals.

1990: JJ recorded the first demo-tape (5 songs) and soon played its first gig abroad; in Umeå, Sweden with Dr. & The Crippens (UK) and MomIDo7 (Germany). Jani-Markus and Tommi left the band. The new members joined in: Jantsa - bass & vocals and Timo - drums & vocals. The first self-released 3-song 7" came out. Jantsa had been 2 weeks in the band before the recordings.


October 1990 (l-r: Jantsa, Mikko, Timo, Petteri, Tero), photo: Arto Kangas..

1991: JJ started co-operation with Hiljaiset Levyt -recordlabel with "Gun In My Heart" 7"EP. The first European tour (13 gigs) in the summer. JJ had some line-up problems and ended up playing without Mikko.


June 1991, photo: Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof Photo-Automaton

1992: JJ recorded its split 7"EP with french Behind The Smile, after that Timo left the band. The new drummer, Marko, joined in. The first record ("My Dream..." 7"EP) of the new line-up came out.

1993: The mentioned split 7" came out in France. Two tours in Finland.


Jyväskylä, Lutakko 19.11.1994. Photo: Nappi/Kuolleet Kukat

1994: "...For Humanity" mini-CD came out and the band made a small tour (8 gigs) in Europe together with Fauna (r.i.p.).


JJ, Fauna & crew on tour 1994, photo: Virve Nikkola

1995: Co-operation with Trujaca Fala-label from Poland started with a tape release (" Fucking Fed Up!") of the two first mini-CD´s.

1996: "Positively Fed Up!" mini-CD came out in Finland and "..For Humanity" 12" came out in Belgium. The 3rd European tour.

1997: The year with lots of JJ releases: "New Toys" mini-CD came out in Finland, split-tape with Infekcja (Poland) and split 7"EP with Enough! (Poland) came out in Poland and split 10" with Machine Gun Etiquette (Scotland) came out in Germany. The 4th European tour.


Sue-interview in Turku at TVO 25.1.1997, photo: Timo T. Halmekoski

1998: "Can You Explain?" came out as mini-CD in Finland and as 7"EP in Poland. Split 7"EP with Anger Of Bacterias (Germany) came out in Germany. The 5th European tour - this time with very bad luck (car-accident etc.) - almost made band split up... But it didn´t!

1999: "Skeletons In The Closet" 7"EP came out in Finland by Halla-julkaisut and Grey Days (these labels got toghether later as Combat Rock Industry). Juggling Jugulars celebrated its 10-year existence by touring in Finland together with Brother Inferior (USA) and Infekcja (Poland).

2000: "Skeletons In The Closet" 7"EP came out also in Germany starting our co-operation with Twisted Chords. In March our new vocalist Arja joined the band. "Propaganda Immunity" was recorded in Seinäjoki at Soundwall Studio.

2001: "Propaganda Immunity" 12"/CD/MC came out in January. The 6th European tour in June. Split-EP with our tourmates Inner Conflict (Germany) came out in November.

2002: On the 7th tour in February/March JJ played in Germany and Poland and noticed that driving long distances through the snowstorms is quite an experience... No releases this year.

2003: Our 8th tour that was supposed to include 12 gigs in Germany and France cancelled in the beginning because of the Jantsa´s accident; he broke his leg during the gig in Köpi! Our dear old blue Volkswagen LT got finally its funerals, so sad... It was time to buy another van.

2004: Nothing´s Finished LP/CD/MC came out and tour followed; 15 gigs in 5 countries.

2005-2006: Some gigs, some tours, "baby-holidays" and some songwriting. Jantsa got brainhemorrage in the end of September soon after our gigs in Norway...


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