Troublekid = Punk & Heart

The band came together in march 2008. Their debut longplaver “Identity Crisis” was released via Wanda Records in October 2008. In June 2009 they made a live split-LP with one of Germany’s oldest punkrock bands, PVC. Right now they’re working on their second album coming in spring 2011.

Since coming together in March 2008, Troublekid has almost played 100 shows hitting the roads all across Europe from Portugal to Hungary. It’s not about where they show up, cause it’s everytime the same anyway: Going on stage and sweating the punk out of their instruments. The three piece band around front singer Suzie Keil enjoyed sharing the stage with bands like Deadline, Far From Finished, Sham 69, The Generators, The Turbo A.C.’s, The Business, Rat City Riot, PVC, TV Smith, Born to Lose, The Buisness and many more…


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg