Tremor’s music is characterized by having a critical lens; it communicates frustration and angst as well as a sense of community and hope. The goal behind the music and lyrics is to give a loud, clear and non-violent voice against Neoliberal global structures of power; the same structures that benefit a minorty while depriving the majority; the structures that sacrifice the ability for future generations to meet their needs for immediate generation of profits; the same structures of power that have transformed basic human rights into exclusivities for the few. The band was founded by four international musicians based in Berlin, Germany.
Connected by a moral responsibility to enact, a passion for becoming involved in our neighbourhoods and communities as well as to rock stages with cathartic and interactive performances, the band organically evolved into a powerful four-piece connected by more than just music. Tremor’s influences see no boundaries; from metal and rock, to blues, classic rock, Latin music and old-school and modern hip-hop alike, the result is unique, fresh and passionate.
The lyrical content is carefully crafted around themes such as neo-colonialism, Neoliberal foreign policies, regime-change conflicts, support of independent media outlets and environmentalism – often backed up by reliable investigative collectives as well as inspirational activists from past and present.
The band often preforms in its urban guerrilla form, consisting in reclaiming public spaces across Berlin as a form of protest, bringing the band's music and message to the neighbourhoods and communities of its very conception.


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg