Los Fastidios

...spielten am 30.09.04 im Schicksaal! Los Fastidios represent today one of the European streetpunk scene's most important bands. Formed in Verona (Italy) in late 1991, Los Fastidios, led by Enrico (well-known figure of the national scene and founder of the Italian label KOB Records) released a demo tape in 1992, and they asserted themselves into the European scene with the release of their first single "Birra OI ! e Divertimento", EP sold out in a few months only, and with which the band got a great deal of good comments in Italy as well as abroad.
In October 1995, after they released their second EP "Banane e Scarponi", the Verona guys were joined by Seby and Mendez, who already played in the Vicenza Punk Rock band Derozer, respectively as guitarist and bassist.

The band (Los Fastidios) went ahead with its great ascent into the Italian and European streetpunk scene, partly thanks to the first album "Hasta La Baldoria" in 1996 (split LP shared with the italian band FFD), also thanks to the second EP "OI ! Gio", but last but not least, mainly thanks to numerous gigs played in Italy and in Europe.

In September 1998, the second album "Contiamo su di voi !" was released on Kob Records, in association with the German label Mad Butcher Records and the Polish label Rock'N'Roller. In less than three years "Contiamo su di Voi" sold more than 8000 copies.
In the 2000, respectively in January and April, they released two new singles : "Radio Boots" and "Fetter Skinhead", the latter being a split shared with the German band Stage Bottles from which Olaf, the saxophonist, was Los Fastidios ' special guest on one song. During the Fastidios' European tour, Olaf was even the permanent guest on stage.

In 2001, the CD "1991-2001 Ten years tattooed on my Heart" was released. It is a tribute to Los Fastidios' ten years of activity, and it includes all the band's singles, compilation tracks, and two live tracks. Nearly simultaneously, a change of line-up has happened with the arrival of new members coming from the bands Oversight and Inerdzia : Paolino (Guitar/vocals), Filippo (Guitar/Vocals), Elena (Bass/Vocals) and Giacomo (Drum/Vocals) will play with Enrico (Vocals).
The new line-up " debut " was in Geneve during the 2nd Antiracist Meeting in front of more than 2000 fans, then in november some dates in Germany and the recording of the third album in the Westwood Recording Studio in Paderborn (D). The album "Guardo Avanti" out on the 20th of december 2001, produced by KOB Records in collaboration wih Mad Butcher Records and the polish label Jimmy Jazz Records.

The year 2002 is very important for the band : a big italian and european tour (about 100 gigs in one year) and the recording of the first official videoclip (of the song "Rabbia dentro al cuore") in rotation on the music televion channels.

In march 2003 two new musicians enter into the band,
DENNI (guitar/voice) and
ALVISE (bass/voice),
they replace Filippo and Elena so the new line up is :
ENRICO : Voice PAOLINO : guitar & vocals DENNI : guitar & vocals
ALVISE : Bass & vocals GIACOMO " LA ZIA " : drums & vocals

May 2003: the single Ora basta (Kob Records / Mad Butcher Records) is out: it contains 4 new tracks with the cover song "Partisans" (Brigada Flores Magon and two video clips ("Rabbia dentro al cuore" and "Animal Liberation")

August 2003: the film "Skinhead attitude" by the swiss director Daniel Schweizer is presented at the Film Festival in Locarno (CH), in this documentary about antiracist international skinhead scene there are live images taken in Krakow (P) and Geneve (CH) and interview at Los Fastidios beside other bands and singers like Laurel Aitken, Bad Manners, Roddy Moreno and the Oppressed, Jimmy Pursey, etc. The soundtrack cd, released by the german label Diggle Records, contains two Los Fastidios songs.

September 2003: Los Fastidios played at the Indipendent Day Festival in Bologna (the most important italian punk festival), on the main stage with Rancid, Cramps, Radio Birdman, Lagwagon, Mad Caddies and many more.
In september in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the Amp Records releases a cd best of Los Fastidios distributed in south America. The cd "La verdadera fuerza de la calle" contains 4 songs for each album, 2 songs taken from the ep "Ora basta" and 4 live songs.
The same cd, with a different title "Prawdziwa sila ulicy" is released in Poland by Jimmy Jazz Records and it is distributed in all the East Europe.
October 2003: Los Fastidios play for the third time at the Antiracist Festival in Geneve (CH)

November 2003: Los Fastidios with the french ska band Skarface and others italian KOB Records bands are at Kontro Ogni Barriera Festival, an itinerant festival for the 5 years of the label KOB Records.
December 2003: The band play at Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin (one of the most important european punk festivals) on the main stage with Discharge, Last Resort and many others.
In december at the Blue Train Studio in Mira (Venice / Italy) the band is recording the new "Siempre Contra" album out on the 31st of january 2004.

The Los Fastidios sound is a powerful melodic streetpunk which mixes classical 80's British Punk-OI ! sounds with skanking rythms, everything sung in Italian. The lyrics come from the most cheerful street situations to more serious and involved matters which deal with social problems, such as battles against any form of discrimination, for the animal rights, for freedom and against the capitalistic system.
These last years, Los Fastidios have achieved great number of anti-racist intiatives and social causes,by taking part in various support gigs with collections in favour of Chiapas, for the workers, against racism, against war...
Over the last years, Los Fastidios have made a lot of tours, thanks to which they travelled all over Italy, but also in Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Canada.Thanks to these gigs the band received very good reviews.
The band shared the bill with great bands such as The Angelic Upstarts, Red London, Buzzcocks, Brigada Flores Magon, Skarface, Oxymoron, Rancid, Cramps, Lagwagon, The Business, UK Subs, Dr Ring Ding, Klasse Kriminale, Zona A, Vibrators, Harries, Lurkers, Splodgenessabounds, Stage Bottles, 8°6 Crew, Ex-Cathedra and many more.


1994 # 7" EP "Birra, oi! e divertimento" (Skooter Rekords), sold out
1995 # 7" EP "Banane e scarponi" " (Skooter Rekords), sold out
1996 # LP "Hasta la baldoria" " (Skooter Rekords) split album with the italian band FFD. Re-pressed in 1999 on cd (KOB Records) and on tape version (KOB Records / Rock'n'roller Poland)
1997 # 7" EP "Oi! Gio" (skooter rekords), sold out
1998 # CD/LP/CS "Contiamo su di voi!" (KOB Records / Mad Butcher / Rock'n'Roller)
2000 # 7" EP/CD EP "Radio boots" (KOB Records/Mad Butcher Records)
2000 # CD EP "Fetter Skinhead" (KOB Rec./Mad Butcher Rec.) split ep with the german band Stage Bottles
2001 # CD "1991-2001 Ten years tattooed on my heart" (KOB Records/Mad Butcher Records)
2001 # CD/LP/CS "Guardo Avanti" (KOB Records/Mad Butcher Records/Jimmy Jazz Records)
2003 # CD EP "Ora Basta" (KOB Records/Mad Butcher Records)
2003 # CD "La verdadera fuerza de la calle" (Amp Records Buenos Aires / cd best of distributed in South America)
2003 # CD "Prawdziwa sila ulicy" (Jimmy Jazz Records Poland / cd best of distributed in the East Europe)
2004 # CD/LP/CS "Siempre Contra" (KOB Records / Mad Butcher Records / Jimmy Jazz Records )

1994 # "Oi! against Silvio" (Havin a laugh records-Italy) with the song "Non sei cambiato" cd
1997 # "Punk rock makes the world go round" (Teenage Rebel -Germany) with the song "No Politica" lp/cd
1998 # "Street punkers" (Mania records-Italia) with the song "La nostra citta" cd
1999 # "KOB vs Mad Butcher" (Kob Records/Mad Butcher Rec.) with the song "Cani sciolti" cd
1999 # "Garaz compilation Vol. 2" (Rock'n'roller-Poland) cd sampler enclosed at the polish magazine Garaz nr.12, with the songs "Scooter Bastards" and "Con voi" cd
1999 # "Great time for" (Agitato Records-Italy) with the song "Spazi di liberta" cd
1999 # "Genetic mutation" (Dhmg Records-UK/Norway) with the song "Contiamo su di voi!" cd
1999 # "Italia Skunk" (D.I.Y. Records-Italy) with the song "You'll never walk alone" lp
2000 # "Kings of Punk" (Hellflip Records-Italy) with the song "Tempi nuovi" cd
2000 # "Tre Venezie: skins & punx united" (Kob Rec./Mad Butcher) antiracist compilation, with the song "Radio Boots" cd
2000 # "Speciale Punk-Rock Vol.2" cd sampler enclosed to the italian magazine Punk Rock Sound, with the song "No Leaders" cd
2000 # "Astropunkers 2000" (Agitato Records-Italy) with the song "Un giorno capirai" cd
2000 # "Wir haben eine Welt zu gewinnen" (Mad Butcher) with the song "Sharp" cd
2000 # "Class Pride World Wide (Insurgence Records-Canada) with the song "Sharp" cd
2000 # "Antiracist United" (Il Cantiere Produzioni-Italy) with the song "Sogno Giamaica" cd
2000 # "1st KOB Day" (KOB Rec./Mad Butcher with the song "Fetter Skinhead" cd
2001 # "KOB vs Mad Butcher 2nd Round" (KOB/Mad Butcher) with the song "Contiamo su di voi" cd
2001 # "Kantina City Rockers" (Kantina ATP - Italy) with the song "Un giorno capirai" cd
2001 # "KOB vs Mad Butcher 3rd Round" (KOB/Mad Butcher) with the song "Fetter Skinhead" cd
2001 # "Stay Rude Stay Rebel" (Rude - Italy) with the song "Sogno Giamaica" cd
2001 # "Speciale Punk-Rock" cd sampler enclosed at the italian magazine Punk Rock Sound, with the song "La vera forza" cd
2002 # "La lotta continua" (Mad Butcher Records) with the song "Hate G8" cd
2002 # "5 anni sulla strada" (Riot Records) with the song "You'll never walk alone" cd
2002 # "Wykopmi Razism ze stadionow" (Jimmy Jazz - Poland), with the song "You'll never walk alone" cd
2002 # "International Kruzefix" (Kruzefix - Germany) with the song "Hate G8" 7"
2002 # "Punk Rawk" cd sampler enclosed at the french magazine Punk Rawk, with the song "Cuba Libre"
2002 # "Punk Fiction Vol. 1" (Pota Records - Italy) with the song "Hate G8" cd
2002 # "Skapunka" (Supple Production/Nun Entertainment - Italy) with the song "Guarda Avanti" cd
2003 # "Punk e contaminazioni Vol.2" (Sana Records - Italy) with the song "Cuba libre" cd
2003 # "Boots on the streets" (Neuro Empire/Russia) with the song "Gente come noi" cd
2003 # "Music for the terraces" (Mad Butcher Records/Baff) with the song "Friends"
2004 # "Skinhead Attitude" (Diggle Records - Germany) with the songs "Fetter Skinhead" and "Rabbia dentro al cuore" cd
2004 # "Para todos la luz" (Italy) benefit compilation for the people from Chiapas with the song "Ya Basta"


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