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05.03.2006 19:30 Uhr

Atomic Vulture( BEL) / Have Blue / The Grand Acid

The Provider presents:  Atomic Vulture( BEL) / Have Blue / The Grand Acid

Atomic Vulture As you drive your Mustang on an infinite empty highway;Can you feel the desert breeze?Can you taste the dried up sand?Can you smell the scorching sun?Can you hear the vulture’s wings?No breaksFull throttle until the tank is sucked dryWhat’s the missing link?Some dusty grooves to get you aroused and that...is exactly what Atomic Vulture provides.They have been pleasing listeners since 2011 andEven some bumps on the road didn’t slow downthe space probe that is Atomic Vulture.Three stoned astronauts -Pascal David (guitar),Jens Van Hollebeke (drums) and Kris Hoornaert (bass) -explore the outskirts of the outer universe.Although it’s difficult these days to be seen astruly engaging and original instrumental rock music,Atomic Vulture has made it look easy and, more important, downright enjoyable!Stoner of a high level from a band that matures withevery performance, release and even rehearsal!
Have Blue This power trio makes music for Indians, as some people say. And there is something to it: Energetic, deep and danceable Heavy Psychedelic Garage Rock.
The Grand Acid THE GRAND ACID was founded in 2015, emerging from the ashes of the former Rock'n'Roll Band HardFordTruk. For more than a decade the three musicians have moved through the cliffs and riffs of Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Jazz and the fire of the jam rock era, while Stoner and Progressive Rock became their fundament. As an unhalted and vivid force, the powerful Rock Trio brought its music to the stages throughout Germany, Poland, the Szech Republic, Hungary and Serbia and very soon THE GRAND ACID will enter a stage near you. Be ready.


Stoner / Doom / Psychedelic /Rock / Garage 


Wilhelmstr. 9 in 10963 Berlin - Xberg